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Wellness Center Pool Reopens

Wellness Center Pool Reopens

Jul 17, 2020 by The Southern Sentinel

The swimming pool at the Tippah County Wellness Center is expected to reopen next week after being closed for the past 15 months.

Wellness Center staff started filling the pool Friday and it is planned to open midweek depending on how long it takes for the water to warm up and to get all the chemicals in the pool. Wellness Center Director Brad McDonald said with it being closed for so long, he wants to make sure everything is working properly before reopening.

The roof above the pool had to be replaced due to age and damage received during a hail storm in March 2018. McDonald said the storm left huge holes in the roof.

"It was damaged from the hail storm but it was in bad shape to begin with. It's been 20 years (since the Wellness Center opened) and all the moisture and chemicals and salt just ate away at the roof," said McDonald.

McDonald said that everything is new in the pool room from fresh paint and lighting to walls and insulation. "The only thing that wasn't replaced was the beams."

The project cost $481,000 and was constructed by CGI Contractors from Corinth.

Since the pool closed on Good Friday 2019, patrons have really missed swimming and water aerobics, according to McDonald. Water aerobics classes will resume shortly after the pool reopens. The classes will be offered at 8 a.m. on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


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