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Meet Our Department Leaders

A committed team of professionals.

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Amy Jones

Hospital Services Coordinator/MSO/PE
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Wendy Grant

Business Office Director
Crystal Braddock

Crystal Braddock

Case Management
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Scott Hodum

Facilities Management Director
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Jimmy Johnson

Environmental Services Director
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Kevin Jones

Lab Director
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Jennifer Smith, RN

Med-Surg Manager / Discharge Planning
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Jill Loveless

HIM Director
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LeAnn Martindale

Pharmacy Director
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J.J. Mathis

Ambulance Service Director
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Brad McDonald

Wellness Center Director
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Wendy Newby

Respiratory Therapy Director

Tina Smith, RN

NH Director of Nursing
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Vanessa Rogers

Materials Management Director
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Aretha Rutherford

Radiology Director
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Heather Taylor

Human Resources Director
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Hana Wallace, RN

Clinical Development for Nursing Services, Trauma Program Manager, and Infection Control
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Shelly Medlin

IOP Director, Social Worker
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Macy Ginn

Executive Secretary
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Jody Chapman

Dietary Director