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Tippah County Hospital MD Roster

Tippah County Hospital MD Roster


Practitioner                                                    Specialty                                             Status             

Charles M. Elliott, M.D.                                    Family Practice                                    Active

Chief of Staff                                       

Timothy F. Thompson, M.D.                             Family Medicine                                  Active

Clinic Medical Director, Hospitalist Supervisor, Nursing Home Medical Director, Cardiopulmonary Rehab Director

Oneka Y. Richardson, M.D.                                 Internal Medicine/Hospitalist                   Active

Hospitalist                                                       Internal Medicine                                 Active

Carla Bray, FNP-C                                           Nurse Practitioner                                 Allied Health



Tippah County Health Clinic:

Lori Duke, DNP, FNP-C                                   Nurse Practitioner                                 Allied Health

Jennifer Richardson, DNP, FNP-BC                  Nurse Practitioner                                 Allied Health

Rachel Rolison, ENP-C, ACNP-BC, FNP-BC    Nurse Practitioner                                 Allied Health

Emilee Young, ENP-C, FNP-BC                       Nurse Practitioner                                 Allied Health

Bradley Hatcher, FNP-C                                   Nurse Practitioner                                 Allied Health


Emergency Room:

Jeremy R. Graham, D.O.                                   Emergency Medicine                            Active

ER Medical Director


Vivek Menon, M.D.                                          Emergency Medicine                            Active

Carla H. Bray, FNP-C                                       Family Nurse Practitioner                     Allied Health

Troy R. Cappleman, M.D.                                 Family Medicine                                  Active

Thomas E. Desnoyers, FNP-C                           Family Nurse Practitioner                     Allied Health

J. April Ernst, FNP-BC                                     Family Nurse Practitioner                     Allied Health               

Girish Sinojia, M.D.                                         Internal Medicine                                 Associate        

Emilee C. Young, ENP-C, FNP-BC                   Family Nurse Practitioner                     Allied Health


Visiting Specialists (Outreach Clinic):

Robert Appling, DPM                                       Podiatry                                               Courtesy

Mandar Jagtap, D.O.                                         Cardiology                                           Consulting

Dilip M. Thakker, M.D.                                    Endoscopy                                           Consulting



Michael A. Todd, M.D.                                     Pathology                                             Associate


Dwalia S. South, M.D.                                      Family Practice                                    Courtesy

Arif A. Somjee, M.D.                                       Internal Medicine                                 Courtesy

Allied Health:


Carla H. Bray, FNP-C                                       Hospitalist and Emergency Medicine Privileges

Lori Duke, DNP, FNP-C                                   Tippah County Health Clinic

Bradley K. Hatcher, FNP-C                               Rural Health Clinic and Hospitalist back-up

Teresa Parks, PMHNP-BC                                Behavioral Health – Senior IOP

Jennifer Richardson, DNP, FNP-BC                   Tippah County Health Clinic

Rachel Rolison, ENP-C, ACNP-BC, FNP-BC    Tippah County Health Clinic

Shereda Saint, FNP-C                                       OP tests

Wanda Stroupe, DNP, FNP-BC                         OP tests

Destiny Price, FNP-BC                                     OP tests

Diana Leonard, APRN, FNP-C                          OP tests

Rebecca C. Thompson, WHNP-BC, ANP-BC    Nursing Home

Emilee C. Young, FNP-BC                               Clinic and Emergency Medicine Privileges

Shelly Medlin, LMSW                                          Senior IOP

Veronica Agnew, LMSW                                      Senior IOP