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Hospital is Staying Safe During COVID-19

Hospital is Staying Safe During COVID-19

Jul 23, 2020 by Karen Yancey

Tippah County Hospital has a long-standing commitment to the health care needs of our community. Your safety is our highest priority. During this global COVID-19 pandemic, our commitment to giving you a safe, reliable place to receive care is even more important to us.

Guided by our respected infection prevention experts and recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), we have taken a number of steps in addition to our standard rigorous infection control measures to ensure our facilities remain safe places for you to confidently receive care.

Our commitment to you is to provide the care you need, when you need it, as safely and conveniently as possible. Each patient’s individual circumstances will be evaluated by their provider to determine how soon that patient should return for in-person care, or if their care needs could be handled through Telehealth or phone call visit.

Our temporary visitor policy restricts visitors to reduce the number of people in our facilities and, therefore, the risk of exposure between patients, visitors and staff.  We understand this can be difficult and appreciate your understanding. This policy is available at our front desk or on our Facebook Page.

Masks for Staff:  All staff wear masks. The type of mask staff members wear is determined by the type of care they provide, to best ensure their safety and the safety of our patients.

Masks for Patients and Visitors: All patients and anyone with them will be asked to wear a mask or cloth face covering while in our health care facilities. You may bring your own, or if you don’t have one, face masks are available at each entrance.

Hand Sanitizer: Hand sanitizer is available at each entrance and at numerous locations throughout each building. Everyone is asked to sanitize their hands when they enter the building. In addition, each member of our health care staff sanitizes their hands before and after each patient encounter.

Screening for COVID-19 Symptoms: We screen all patients and visitors for COVID-19 symptoms. When you arrive for your appointment, you and anyone with you will also be asked about any cough, fever and other symptoms of respiratory virus infection that you or others in your household may be experiencing. Our staff are also screened for COVID-19 symptoms each day.

COVID-19 Testing: We test patients for COVID-19 based on guidance from MSDH & CDC.  A provider makes the decision based on clinical presentation to perform COVID testing.

Common Areas: Areas such as waiting rooms, lobbies and restrooms are cleaned often with special attention to frequently touched surfaces including doorknobs, armrests and handrails.

Exam Rooms: These are fully cleaned and disinfected between each patient.

Waiting Rooms Closed: Waiting rooms are closed. Please call before you come to clinic or Emergency Room so special arrangements can be made for patients being evaluated for COVID-19 or possible COVID-19 to arrive through a specific process and be immediately settled into a private exam room to reduce the chances of other patients being exposed to the virus.

Health Clinic offers the following options:

  1. We have a new program called Telehealth.  We can do a virtual visit by phone. We can call you and do the visit over the phone.
  2. The last option that we offer. Patient comes in for a visit. Sometimes this is the only option for the patient. We do our best to schedule patients so they do not overlap with each other.
  3. We can send most prescription refills to the pharmacy through the computer. The ones that must be printed out (some scheduled narcotics) and picked up at the clinic, we will bring out to your car if you call us when you arrive.
  4. Just give us a call to make appointments at 837-2202 before you come.  We are trying to keep patient flow at a safe timeline.

You can be confident that you will receive safe, high-quality, compassionate care from the extraordinary health care teams at Tippah County Hospital.

Our safety precautions are guided by experts in the field of infectious diseases, infection prevention, public health and quality improvement.

These experts monitor the latest recommendations from state and national organizations, including the Mississippi Department of Health and Human Services, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the World Health Organization (WHO), and adapt our processes to meet best practices that limit exposure and prevent the spread of disease.

Every member of our teams are committed to keeping our patients, staff and community safe.